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How to Restore a Modern Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

How to Restore a Modern Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

When you need to restore a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle, you want to do it right. Whether you've laid the bike down, or some other tragedy has befallen your motorcycle, you want nothing but the best for your bike. Bringing your Harley back into premo condition requires the right tools and knowledge. Here's how to restore your late model Harley-Davidson Motorcycle and getit back on the road again.



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      Do a tear down of the motorcycle. Be sure to clean and mark all parts so you know where they came from so you can put it back together again.

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      Identify what parts you can repair and what parts you need to replace. When you lay your motorcycle down, especially a late model Harley, you'll have a good bit of plastic to replace. It's generally not a good idea to try to repair the HD plastic since the structural integrity of the plastic is compromised, unless you just have minor scuffing.

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      Make a parts list and either take it to a dealer to fill, or search out the needed parts in a junkyard. Compiling the needed parts via junkyard is sure to save you some cash, but it may take time to collect them all. Your best bet is to find a Harley-Davidson motorcycle of the same make, model and year and snag parts from it.

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      Take the painted metal, such as the gas tank and valve cover, to a body shop to have it professionally finished. Do this at home if you have the necessary tools to do the job. Reassemble the gas tank and other parts.

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      Replace all engine, cooling system, brake system and electrical components first. Be sure the motorcycle is in running condition before you proceed to superficial plastic and paint.

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      Put on the cosmetics. The fringe, tank bags and ferring all need to go on last.

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