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How to Integrate a GPS With a Harley Davidson Intercom System

How to Integrate a GPS With a Harley Davidson Intercom System

Bluetooth technology is a friend to many GPS and intercom users as it allows you to sync your GPS voice control right to the intercom ear piece. This is particularly handy when using a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Harleys are not known for being quiet rides, and it is near impossible to hear a GPS unit voice system without an ear piece like those from the intercom system. By enabling both devices via Bluetooth the voice and sound is broadcast into the intercom ear piece.

Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need

  • Harley Davidson Bluetooth equipped intercoms
  • Bluetooth enable GPS unit
    • 1

      Turn on your GPS unit and the Harley Davidson intercom. Place the intercom ear piece in an ear. Enable the Bluetooth on the equipped intercom. Most intercom systems have a special setting for Bluetooth or an icon to press that turns the broadcast on.

    • 2

      Press the power button and turn the GPS unit on. Press or tap the Bluetooth icon on the GPS display menu. Follow the prompts as the Bluetooth locates the Harley Davidson intercom.

    • 3

      Highlight the intercom on the menu as a synced Bluetooth device.

    • 4

      Turn the voice turn-by-turn directions on with the GPS unit. Listen on the intercom for voice prompts and directions to verify the synced Bluetooth connection.

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