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How to Change the Oil in My Harley

How to Change the Oil in My Harley

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Consult your Harley-Davidson owner's manual to find the recommended mileage for changing the engine oil.

The oil in your Harley-Davidson motorcycle helps regulate the temperature of the engine and ensures reduced friction among the internal parts. Engine oil needs to be changed regularly to keep your engine running smoothly. Instead of paying a motorcycle mechanic to change the oil in your Harley, invest a small amount of time and change it yourself.

Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need

  • Oil filter
  • Engine oil
  • Socket wrench or adjustable wrench set
  • Oil pan
  • Clean rags or towels
  • Funnel
  • Original engine oil bottle or a large plastic bottle
  • Permanent marker
    • 1

      Start your Harley and let it run for three to five minutes to slightly warm the oil, which thins it out and makes it easier to drain. Turn off the engine after the five minutes expire.

    • 2

      Place the oil pan underneath the engine to catch the draining oil.

    • 3

      Unscrew the oil bolts using the appropriately sized wrench and remove the oil cover. Depending on the model of Harley-Davidson, there will be either three or four bolts that need to be removed.

    • 4

      Unscrew the oil plug to begin draining the oil. Make sure that the oil pan is directly underneath the draining oil to catch it all. Depending on the amount of oil in your Harley, this process may take five to ten minutes. Completely drain the oil before continuing.

    • 5

      Place the funnel into the original engine oil bottle and pour the old oil (now located in your oil pan) into the bottle. Label the bottle "USED OIL" with a permanent marker and dispose of it properly, abiding by state and local laws and regulations. Some motorcycle part stores and repair shops will properly dispose of the old oil for you.

    • 6

      Unscrew the filter bolts using the appropriately sized wrench and remove the filter cover.

    • 7

      Remove the old oil filter and clean out the inside of the cavity using a clean towel.

    • 8

      Insert a new oil filter and replace the filter cover by screwing the bolts back into place.

    • 9

      Insert the oil plug and screw it back into place.

    • 10

      Reattach the oil cover by screwing its bolts back into place.

    • 11

      Unscrew the engine oil cap, located near the top of your Harley's engine.

    • 12

      Add new engine oil and replace the oil cap.

Tips & Warnings

  • Consult your Harley-Davidson owner's manual to determine what brand and type of engine oil to use in your motorcycle.

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