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How to Change the Oil in a Harley Davidson Primary Unit

How to Change the Oil in a Harley Davidson Primary Unit

How to Change the Oil in a Harley Davidson Primary Unitthumbnail
Replace your Harley's primary unit oil frequently, for optimum performance.

A Harley Davidson motorcycle has some similar maintenance requirements as a regular car. If you have not changed the oil in your Harley Davidson primary unit recently, you may be putting excess wear and tear on your Harley's engine. When motor oil gets old, it gets thick and contaminated and will not flow the way it should. This causes your engine to have improper friction levels, decreasing its cooling capability. Change the oil in your primary unit on a regular basis to keep your motorcycle running effectively.

Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need

  • Blocks
  • Oil pan
  • Oil filter
    • 1

      Warm up your Harley engine by going for a short ride. This warms up the oil and helps it flow out of the reservoir.

    • 2

      Place your Harley on blocks before you change the oil. Slide an oil pan under the motorcycle, remove your oil filter and reservoir plug.

    • 3

      Allow the oil to drain for at least half an hour. When finished, install the new oil filter and replace the plug.

    • 4

      Remove the oil cap on the primary unit and fill the reservoir with the oil. Replace the oil cap and turn on the engine. Let it run for approximately one minute, then shut off.

    • 5

      Fill the reservoir until the oil reaches the middle range. Replace the oil cap and dispose of the used oil.

Tips & Warnings

  • Just like a car, remember to change the oil in the Harley Davidson primary unit at least once every 3,000 miles.

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