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How to Change a Harley-Davidson Battery

How to Change a Harley-Davidson Battery

In the early days of Harley-Davidson, motorcycle batteries did little more than provide a power source for the lights and horn. Things have changed, the battery has become the thing that determines whether or not you can take your bike out for a ride. Now Harley-Davidson batteries power many more of the motorcycle's components, so it is of utmost importance to ensure that the battery is performing at optimum capacity. Read on to learn how to change a Harley-Davidson battery.



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      Choose the correct battery size. Different Harley-Davidson models require different motorcycle batteries, so know the specifications for your motorcycle. Find out the required cold cranking amps (CCA) of your motorcycle and measure the length, width and height of the cavity to ensure that the battery fits correctly.

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      Turn off the engine before removing the battery.

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      Identify the positive and negative terminals, removing the negative cable of the battery before the positive. This is the perfect time to remove any corrosion that may be present, with a wire brush.

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      Activate your new motorcycle battery. Remove the sealing tube and filling plugs, filling the battery with electrolyte. Let the battery sit for 30 minutes before charging.

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      Fully charge the battery for three to five hours. If the first charge is not done correctly the battery will not perform properly, and may never gain a full charge.

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      Reverse the order when installing the battery, connecting the positive cable first. Reversing the polarity accidentally can cause the battery to explode or cause damage to the electrical system of your motorcycle. Make sure the connections are tight, and check the connections and terminals often.

Tips & Warnings

  • Remember that specific installation instructions will vary with each model of Harley-Davidson motorcycle. For more specific installation information, please refer to your owners manual.

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