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How to Rent a Harley Davidson Motorcycle

How to Rent a Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Renting is a great way to get the "Harley Davidson" experience without the cost and maintenance of owning your own "wild hog." Follow these steps to rent a Harley.



Things You'll Need

  • Valid motorcycle operator's license
  • Major credit card
    • 1

      Visit the Web site address for Harley Davidson Motorcycles (see Web site below).

    • 2

      Choose the link for a rental operator near you.

    • 3

      Select a country and language and click "Find."

    • 4

      Click on the state from which you will rent the bike.

    • 5

      Find the area or city that is closest to you or that you want to rent from.

    • 6

      Contact that dealership directly, either by phone, email or on their Web site.

    • 7

      Set up your rental.

    • 8

      Enjoy your ride!

Tips & Warnings

  • You must meet all Harley Davidson Motorcycle requirements, such as age, valid motorcycle operator's license, major credit card and the skills and knowledge needed to operate a heavy motorcycle.

  • Each rental includes the use of a country-approved helmet and rain suit.

  • Twenty-four hour roadside assistance is provided for towing, jump-starting and fuel delivery if needed.

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