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How to Change Harley Davidson Oil

How to Change Harley Davidson Oil

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Harley Davidson

If you haven't changed the oil in your Harley Davidson recently, you may be putting unnecessary wear and tear on the motorcycle's engine. When motor oil gets old, it becomes contaminated and doesn't flow properly. This gives your motorcycle less friction reducing and cooling capability. Changing the oil regularly is a big part of your Harley's upkeep.

Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need

  • Blocks or a motorcycle oil change stand
  • Oil pan
  • Replacement oil and oil filter
    • 1

      Go on a short ride to warm up the engine oil and allow it to flow out of the reservoir. Don't get the engine too hot, so you open the reservoir.

    • 2

      Pull the Harley on blocks or on a motorcycle oil change stand. Slide an oil pan under the motorcycle and remove the oil reservoir plug. Do this slowly and carefully, as the engine oil may be hot. Also, remove the oil filter and place it in the pan to drain.

    • 3

      Allow the oil to drain for about 20 to 30 minutes. Make sure that no oil stream is left before continuing.

    • 4

      Replace the oil plug and install the new oil filter. Be sure to coat the rubber o-ring on the filter with oil before screwing it in.

    • 5

      Remove the oil cap and fill the reservoir with the amount and type of oil suggested in your owner's manual.

    • 6

      Replace the oil cap and start the motorcycle. Allow the Harley to run for around a minute before shutting it off.

    • 7

      Check the filler glass on the side of the motor and finish filling the reservoir until it is in the middle range.

    • 8

      Replace the oil cap and dispose properly of the used oil. Clean up any messes or spills.

Tips & Warnings

  • Many auto parts stores will take you used motor oil and dispose of it for little or no cost.

  • If you spill oil on your concrete, you can easily dilute and remove it using a bucket of water or a power washer.

  • Always use caution when working around motorcycle engines.

  • Always be wary of pinch points when working around motorcycles

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