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How to Find a Vintage Harley Davidson

How to Find a Vintage Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson may be the most prestigious of motorcycle manufacturers, their vintage models being no exception. Harley Davidson has been making their fine motorcycles with distinct sound and classic design since 1903. With a number of vintage models available, you are bound to find the perfect Harley bike for you.



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      Visit your local Harley Davidson dealership. Harley dealers often carry restored vintage models available for purchase from the showroom floor. Dealerships often have restoration specialists onsite as well, so ask them about purchasing an older model to restore yourself or have restored especially for you.

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      Ask your local Harley dealer for notices of vintage bike sales. Many people looking to sell their vintage bikes will make their local Harley shop their first stop for placing an advertisement, so it can be a great place to begin your search. The expertise of the shop's team can also help you determine the quality of the bike as well as the accuracy of the price.

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      Search online for vintage Harley specialists and sales. Collectors often search far and wide for their perfect bike, so don't limit yourself to your own local area. The vintage bike of your dreams may be waiting in another state or even another country.

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      Participate in biker rallies such as the famous Sturgis run. Many motorcycle enthusiasts find these events the perfect opportunity to buy and sell motorcycles. Many biker rallies will have a motorcycle auction or swap meet towards the conclusion of the event, so be sure to ask for a rally program when you pay the entrance fee. Arrive early to inspect your buying options and take the opportunity to speak with owners of vintage Harley Davidsons.

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      Search trade magazines and want ads for vintage Harley Davidson motorcycles. If you are buying from a private owner, be sure to investigate as much as possible about the particular model and inspect the bike thoroughly for authenticity and restoration accuracy. Through the years many bikes have been modified or poorly restored, so make sure you are purchasing a quality vintage motorcycle.

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      Place a want ad in Motorcycle Trader and your local newspaper, especially if you have your mind set on a particular year and model. When looking for the perfect vintage Harley Davidson, you will have to have patience. Don't jump into a purchase or you may find yourself with a beautiful, yet expensive restoration project.

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