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How to Appraise a Used Harley Davidson Motorcycle

How to Appraise a Used Harley Davidson Motorcycle

When you're looking to buy or sell a used Harley Davidson motorcycle, you'll want to know how to appraise the vehicle. Knowing how to appraise a used Harley helps you attract more buyers as a seller and know whether you're getting a good value for the bike as a buyer.

Moderately Easy


    • 1

      Get a base price on the used Harley Davidson motorcycle. Use this as the starting point for the average sale price of the same model. Get price guides on used Harley Davidson motorcycles through NADA Guides (see Resources below).

    • 2

      Adjust the price based on the condition of the motorcycle. Look for rust, dents and general wear and tear. If the used Harley has not been maintained well, you're going to take money off the base price.

    • 3

      Look at the mileage of the used Harley. If the bike has low miles, you'll add more to the price.

    • 4

      Consider the upgrades made to the used Harley Davidson. Motorcycle owners typically add upgrades to their motorcycles. New pipes, seats, paint and engine upgrades increase the value of the motorcycle. Look at the cost of buying and installing these features to figure into the appraised value.

Tips & Warnings

  • Market slumps may affect the value of a used Harley Davidson . Look at the classified ads in your area prior to appraising the value of the motorcycle.

  • If you take your motorcycle to a Harley Davidson dealer, the dealer can give you an approximation of the value of the used motorcycle.

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