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How to Join a Harley Owner's Group

How to Join a Harley Owner's Group

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Join a Harley Owner's Group

Are you a live to ride and ride to live kind of person? You have the Harley (or plan on getting one soon) so the next step is to learn a bit about Harley Owner's Groups. Joining a Harley Owner's Group is a way to really experience life on a motorcycle. Harley Owner's Groups or HOG chapters provide a way to gather with people like you. Become involved in a HOG to have fun, participate in gatherings, become involved with charity events, but most importantly to ride.



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      Understand the mission of the HOG chapters. It is not complicated, so if you own the Harley, you can probably handle it. Ride and have fun. Most people who own a bike and ride regularly know how to do this well.

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      Learn about the benefits. Even though most HOG chapters are organized for fun on the back of a Harley, there are still benefits to being a member. Subscriptions to the magazines "Enthusiast" and "Hog Tales" are included in your membership, as well as a membership manual and a touring handbook. If you use the Internet, you will have access to a member's-only HOG website to learn even more about the organization and Harley Davidson Motorcycles. You will be reimbursed up to $50 if you take a rider's course certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Patches for joining and for every 10 thousand miles you ride are another benefit (see Resources below).

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      Decide on what sort of membership you wish to obtain. Believe it or not, there is even a membership option for those that don't own a Harley. A Full Membership is available to owners of Harley Davidson Motorcycles or Buell Motorcycles. This membership gives you all the benefits of HOG. You have to renew membership every one, two or three years, but those that make it to ten or twenty-five years are recognized. A special group within HOG is the Ladies of Harley, for eligible women who wish to join. If you are a diehard Harley fan and know you always will be, look into the life membership. It saves the annual renewal fee and you get a pretty cool looking "Life Member" patch if you are into that sort of thing. If you have a HOG member willing to sponsor you, become an associate member without owning a Harley.

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      Find your local chapter. Go to your local Harley Davidson Dealership to find the closest chapter. You can fill the forms out there or go to the official Harley Davidson home page and complete the application there.

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      Get on that bike and ride!

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