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How to Buy Harley Davidson Motorcycles

How to Buy Harley Davidson Motorcycles

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how to buy harley davidson motorcycles

So you've finally decided you want to buy a motorcycle and not just any motorcycle but a Harley Davidson Motorcycle. Read on for some great tips on what to look for and how to buy a Harley Davidson Motorcycle.



Things You'll Need

  • Money
  • Time to look at bikes
  • an idea of what type of riding you will be primarily doing
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      The first step to buying Harley Davidson Motorcycles is to determine what type of riding you will be doing. There is a model to fit everyone's taste from Harley Davidson and once you determine what type of riding you will primarily be doing you can then start narrowing down your choices to model selection.

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      When deciding you buy Harley Davidson Motorcycles a huge factor is cost. I will be honest and upfront. My first used Harley Davidson cost me $10,000 and believe it or not I got a great deal on it. My point is Harley Davidson Motorcycles are pricey. So once you have gotten over stick shock it's time to set your budget. This is the second step to determining what model you will be selecting.

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      The next step is to have some general knowledge about the different model lines Harley Davidson Motorcycles has to offer. The first line is their what I like to call sport bike line. This line is basically comprised of the Buell. They look and act nothing like the traditional Harley Davidson Motorcycles lines you think of. They are bare bones and built for speed. The next line is what I call economy line which is the Sportster. It's bear bones and low priced. The lines then step up to the Dyna model which has different sub lines in it from low options to high options, the model lines continue up to Full Dressers that have all the bells and whistles which are mostly used for touring.

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      Now you must understand that like everything, you get what you pay for. So the cheapest lines are the one with the least amount of technology and comfort. Those are the Buell's and the Sportsters. Now that doesn't mean there aren't some expensive Harley Davidson Motorcycles I would stay away from as well. Primarily the Fat Boy which in my eyes is very over priced and doesn't handle well or give a comfortable ride for that matter. Once you have determined what line of bike you like where it be the economy Sportster or the Full Dressed Touring models it is now time to find a place to buy.

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      There are two basic ways of buying a Harley Davidson Motorcycle. The first is from a private party and the second is from a dealer. I have always bought from private parties. (see my other e-How) articles on what to look when buying a private party motorcycle. I would suggest if you are not mechanically inclined you stick to a dealership to buy your Harley Davidson Motorcycles and try to get at least a 1 year warranty if buying used. If you are buying from a private party be prepared to be wrenching on the bike as there is always unexpected issues that arise with any motorcycles bought from a private party regardless of how well they have been maintained.

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      Decide if you are going to pay in cash or finance. Right now with the banking crisis of last year and the ailing economy getting financing is difficult unless you have great credit. The other option is paying cash. If you do decide to pay cash and are buying from a private party I would urge you to at very least have the bike looked at by a certified motorcycle mechanic or looked over at the dealership if you are not too knowledgeable on Harley Davidson Motorcycles yourself.

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      Lastly, don't be afraid to walk away. I have seen more people be pressured into a purchase they end up not liking. Trust me it might feel bad at first to walk away but bottom line it is your money and you have to be 100 percent confident in what you are buying or you shouldn't buy it. Don't feel bad about negotiating either. Believe me, every price is negotiable. Every price....

Tips & Warnings

  • decide what type of riding you do the most. i.e. Bar hopping, touring, etc.

  • test ride bikes at the dealerships that are similar to the ones you are looking at in private party. This will help you get a feel for what a new versus used one feels like of the same model

  • Don't be afraid to walk away

  • Always negotiate price

  • Never buy a bike without seeing it and riding it for that matter

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