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How to Adjust a Harley Center Stand

How to Adjust a Harley Center Stand

Motorcyclists use a center stand to lift their bikes for display or for long-time parking. Harley Davidson motorcycles are known for their prodigious quality and breathtaking designs. To ensure your Harley is safely parked when you leave it in your garage or on display, use the Harley center stand. To make sure the center stand properly supports the Harley, adjust its nuts and studs to create the most accurate stand.



Things You'll Need

  • Center stand
    • 1

      Slide the center stand underneath theHarley motorcycle with its hinge brackets going over the frame cross member's top. Slide your stand forward, going as far as it will go.

    • 2

      Center the Harley bolt holes left to right on the cross member's large holes.

    • 3

      Install the reinforcing plate of the center stand using the washers and bolts provided with it. The plate has a slight bend that is shaped like a "V" right down its length. This V shape should point downwards and right towards the ground.

    • 4

      Check the center stand hinge brackets and make sure they are positioned as far forward as possible by tightening their bolts securely.

    • 5

      Loosen your center stand's two 6/16-inch pivot nuts to allow the stand to pivot up and down more freely. Loosen its mounting bolts and adjust the stand's hinge brackets accordingly until it is able to move more freely while the mounting bolts are tightened securely. The binding usually happens when the cross member is bent or damaged.

    • 6

      Remove the stand's 9/16-inch nut completely and remove the four washers found on its studs. Reinstall and tighten the stand washes into the small holes and do the same for the pivot nuts with the wrench.

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