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How to Replace a Harley-Davidson Key Fob Battery

How to Replace a Harley-Davidson Key Fob Battery

How to Replace a Harley-Davidson Key Fob Batterythumbnail
Change the battery on your Harley-Davidson key fob yourself.

Harley-Davidson has several kinds of key fobs available for its motorcycles and they are used to lock and set the bike's alarm. Depending on the type of key fob you have, you can replace the battery a variety of ways and quite easily. A spare battery can be purchased at any drug store, jewelery counter or at your Harley-Davidson dealership. Usually a jeweler will replace the battery for you free of charge, but in case you want to do it yourself, purchase more than one battery and take the opportunity to clean your fob as well.



Things You'll Need

  • Mini Phillips screwdriver
  • Mini flathead screwdriver
  • Canned air (optional)
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      Turn your key fob over until you find a screw. Usually the key fob's screw is on the rear. Unscrew the screw carefully, placing the screw where you won't lose it. If your key fob does not contain a screw, then take the fob off of your key ring and gently pry the fob apart at the top of the key ring hole with a small flathead screwdriver.

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      Take the key fob apart, gently. Remove the battery. Clean it with canned air if you have some on hand, making sure to remove any debris where the key pads meet the contacts.

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      Replace your battery with the positive side up. Replace the key fob cover and screw it back into place.

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      Test your key fob on your motorcycle. It is a good idea to keep a spare battery on hand in case your fob quits working on the road. On your garage opener key fob, the red LED light should come on when the keys are pressed.

Tips & Warnings

  • A magnetized screwdriver is extremely handy for keeping up with small screws. However, you can also use a kitchen magnet to keep up with them while you change your battery.

  • The fingernail file on a pair of nail clippers will work in place of either type of screwdriver. Use the tip of the file to remove the screw or to pry the fob open.

  • Harley-Davidson key fobs have a tendency to go through batteries quickly. Be sure to keep spares on hand or change your battery often. Harley-Davidson recommends changing the battery at least once a year.

  • Keep a spare battery in your wallet. Tape two business cards together to make a small envelope to keep your battery in place and clean.

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